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Common Running Injuries

Our bodies are not machines and running injuries are all too common and can occur at any time, not just during the race. I have researched the top 5 common injuries for runners, along with some basic tips on caring for your injuries. Please note this is general information regarding injuries and aftercare and is in no way medical advice or opinions from myself. Please consult a doctor or Sports Injury Specialist for advice.

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Pulled Hamstring

This is a very common injury and usually occurs in sprinters. It is also referred to as a hamstring sprain or tear. Strictly speaking there are 3 hamstring muscles- Semitendinsus , Semimembranosus and biceps femoris . These muscles are located in the thigh area. Symptoms can include a sudden sharp pain at the back of the leg, pain on stretching or contracting the muscle, swelling and bruising or if the rupture is severe a gap may be felt in the muscle. If the injury is severe, advice should be sought from a Doctor or Sports Injury Specialist. If not too severe the injury should be treated immediately using cold therapy technique, resting and when not too painful, basic strengthening and stretching exercises to keep the muscle supple.

Thigh supports can be used such as Mueller Neoprene Thigh Sleeve and Vulkan Neoprene Thigh Support.

Hip Bursitis

Usually a pain on the side of the hip causing discomfort especially when lying on the affected side. Bursitis is an inflammation of a bursa, a small sac of fluid, its function is to protect other tissues from compression and friction. A direct blow or stress to the bursa can cause it to become inflammed. Common symptoms for this include pain on the outer side of the hip, pain whilst laying on the affected side of the hip, on running , walking and climbing stairs. Again, consult a sports injury specialist if the injury is severe, but applying ice packs will often ease mild pain.

Hips supports are available such as Compression shorts and McDavid Thudd Hexpad shorts.

Sprained Ankle

Another common injury experienced with runners. Early recognition and treatment of this problem will help speed up the recovery from ankle ligament problems. Symptoms can include pain, swelling, stiffness, instability and weakness. Ice pack and cold therapy is advised in mild cases.

Good ankle supports such as McDavid Ultra lite ankle brace and Aircast A60 ankle brace.

Plantar Fasciitis

This injury will cause heel pain and pain in the sole of the foot. It is an inflammation of the fibrous sheath that runs most of the length of the foot. It usually develops as a result of overuse. The pain occurs during activity and is often painful first thing in the morning when walking about after sleeping.Advice includes ice pack for mild pain, wearing a night splint to stretch the plantar fascia, taping the foot and supporting the inner arch of the foot with insoles.

Try Procare Dorsiwedge Night splint or Footmedics Impact gel heel pads.

Shin Splints

This is shin pain that can occur due to a few different conditions. The most common problem is Media Tibial Stress Syndrome, which is basically an irritation of the shin bone (Tibia). In runners, this is caused by over use and is not helped by running continously on hard surfaces.Pain is often felt during exercise and often aches long after. Anti inflammatory gel and ice packs are effective in mild cases and wearing orthotic ans shock absorbing insoles can help dramatically with this problem.

Try 1000 Mile Compression socks and Cho-Pat shin splints sleeve.

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Common Running Injuries