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Running Food, Protein Bars

High 5 Energy Gel

Burst of energy when needed, containing a natural source of carbohydrates. Comes in a handy 38g sachet.It replaces sodium and potassium levels, has a real fruit flavour and has an easy twist neck with controlled flow opening - more info

Lucozade Trial pack

This pack contains samples of products from the Lucozade sports products range to help with protein, fuel and strength. The pack includes Shaker, 39g Caffeine boost sachet, 75g Chocolate protein bar, 75g Chocolate powder all in one and 39g Raspberry body fuel sachet. - more info

High 5 Protein Recovery Bar

The ultimate protein bar to quickly combat cravings. Great taste and low in fat. Ideal for use use immediately after exercise - more info

Reflex One Stop

A conveniently designed all in one muscle building suppliment with the added bonus of that it calculates protein amounts, vitamin suppliments and Creatines for you all in one tub.Available in several flavours - more info

CNP Professional Pro Lean

This is a thermogenic fat burner that can help in achieving a leaner appearance. It contains natural ingrediants that support the metabolic rate and energy levels. It may also control hunger cravings and help with establishing a regular eating pattern. Safe to use for those subject to LOC drug testing - more info

Running Food and Running Protein Bars