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Nike + Ipod Sport Kit

Nike + Ipod Sport Kit Quite a few runners search for Nike running music so I decided to take a look for myself. What I found was that Nike have come up with amazing products- The Nike + range. The product I looked at was the Nike + Ipod Sport kit which contains a Nike + sensor and an Ipod Nano receiver. It consists of a Nike + Sensor which you place into a pocket under the sockliner into a Nike + ready shoe and off you go- the sensor cant be felt in the shoe.The receiver is then plugged into your Ipod Nano. As well as listening to all your favourite tunes, information is transmitted wirelessly to your Ipod Nano whilst you are running, relaying your pace, distance, time elapsed and calories burned. Then after your run a performance summary appears on the screen of your Ipod nano- amazing! The Nike + Ipod Sport Kit containing the Nike + sensor and the Ipod Nano receiver is competitively priced and is a fantastic must have for any runner. Nike also sell a Nike + Ipod Nano Sport armband V6- a lightweight armband with sweat resistant features and an adjustable strap for ideal fit and comfort- a fantastic accessory to complement the Nike + Ipod Sport Kit.

Nike + Ipod Sport Kit